Lyrics to the songs on Journeys:

• Is this a Test?
• Ain’t Dead Yet
• So Long
• Inevitable

• Afterglow
• Keep Going
• Juggling Infinity
• An Empty Shade of Blue
• Dark Stars
Just Won’t Be the Same to Say Hello

Lyrics to the songs on Who Are You, Anyway?:

• A Village of One
• Do Something You Love
• Who Are You, Anyway?
• Rosina
• Same But Different
 Does That Work for You?
• I Know Who’s In There

• Nice Place to Live

Lyrics to the songs on Wild Ideas:

• Sailor’s Song
The Last Stomping Ground on the Road to Oblivion
A Talk with the Almighty
Escape from von Neumann’s Catastrophe of Infinite Regression (A Crazy Dream)
Riding the Certainty Train
Once I Tried It Myself, I Changed My Mind
Dimension Dreams
The More We Learn (The Less We Know)
Lotus Petals
What Do You Believe?
• Long Distance Call
Smoke & Mirrors

Lyrics to the songs on The Heart Chronicles

• You Are the One
• Humdinger
• For the Quiet Morning Hours
• Honest Anger
• Sweet Love in the Morning
It’s Just Been a Long Time
• Just An Old Love Song
This Crazy Love
I Don’t Need Reasons for Loving You
This Baby Might Fly
• I Thought I’d Found You
• At the True Love Store
• Turning Away
• Pointing the Finger

Lyrics to songs from Christopher’s upcoming Christmas suite:

• A Very Merry Time of the Year
• Songs of the Season
The Heart of Christmas

• The Dawn of Christmas Day
A Christmas to Remember
• Under a Christmas Moon (The Christmas Blessing)
• The 12 Gifts of Christmas
• A Song for St. Nicholas
• Christmas-y

Lyrics to songs from the Basement Tapes collection:

Lyrics to digital singles:

• Treehouse in the City
• Purple Soup and Green Spaghetti
• Pretty Damn Good
Barbara Walters (the Interview Song)
• Aristotle’s Yard Sale
Moonbeam Boogie

Lyrics to the songs on Earthsongs:

Lyrics to the songs on Piece of the Puzzle: