Sweet Dream Bay

Words and music by Christopher Kent

The plane takes off while the snow comes down
Last flight out of a frozen town
Carries us off to a Caribbean island
Warm breezes and people smiling
We drive through the hills and down to the bay
It’s a little too late to start sailing today
So we lie on the deck, watch the sun turn red
Thinking ‘bout the days ahead

Sometimes life is a sweet, sweet dream
Watching the stars rise over the Gulf Stream
Mother Earth and her sons and daughters
Sailing out on the crystal waters
We’ll follow the sun ‘til the end of the day
Then we’ll drop our anchor in Sweet Dream Bay

We hoist our sails the following morn
Sky so blue and the sun so warm
We clear the harbor and pick up speed
Got the wind and the water, we got everything we need
Now we’re tying our lines, riding the swells
Sound of the waves and the tropical smells
Distant islands so lush and green
Jimmy Buffett on the music machine


We paddle ashore and sit on the sand
Listen to the sound of a steel drum band
Rainbow coral in a blue lagoon
Good friends and palm trees under the moon

For seven days we make our way
Through the leeward islands and the ocean spray
Now we’re heading for home, but it’s plain to see
This place has become a part of me
I can’t forget all the things that I’ve seen
You say this is heaven, I know what you mean
The wind and the islands, the sea and the skies
We’re sailing in paradise


Copyright 1995 by Christopher Kent. All rights reserved.