Articles and Essays by Chris

Strategies for Sanity and Survival

Taking a Break from Stress with Immersion Listening
By listening in the right way, you can elevate music to a multidimensional experience — and by choosing the right music, that experience can be one of profound peace and joy.

How to Stay Sane During Massive Change
Strategies for maintaining peace of mind and staying effective in the midst of world upheaval.

Songs of Peace, Hope, Joy and Grace
A dozen songs from Christopher’s first four albums that can help you stay calm and hopeful in challenging times.

A Quorum of Pithy Quotes for Pandemic Quarantine!
A collection of wise and witty quotes from Einstein, Groucho Marx, Bozo the Clown, Robert Frost, H.G. Wells, George Carlin, Mark Twain, Andy Rooney and many, many more!

Some Quotes of Note for Those Who Vote
A second collection of wise and witty quotes….

Political Commentary

Crisis Ahead? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Lose Hope
If you’re worried about what lies ahead for our country, you’re not alone. Here’s a unique perspective  on the situation that may help.

Getting Past Impossible
Want to change the world for the better? The first step is believing it’s possible.

Democracy in Crisis, 2020  
An unconventional perspective about how we got here—and what might come next.

Hope for the New Year! (2021)
Four Positive Things You Probably Don’t Know About the Current Crisis  (January 2021)

Solving the Unsolvable
Sometimes solving the toughest problems requires solving a meta-problem first.

Marching Toward Waterloo
Today’s tyrants and dictators (both established and aspiring) are about to face the same enemy that really defeated Napoleon – and it wasn’t an opposing army.


Best of the Fest: Memories From a Lifetime of Philadelphia Folk Festivals!
It’s an annual four-day party held on a farm far from the city, with thousands of people camping together to party and enjoy nature, featuring non-stop music of almost every variety you can imagine.  As remembered by Christopher Kent!

Writing 150 Songs!
Christopher explains how he learned to write songs, starting with his musical education at the American Boychoir School and a trip to Japan, through years of writing, learning and teaching songwriting in New York City. Includes lots of pictures of Chris at the different periods in his life and sample songs from each era, some of which you may not have heard.

The Song That Changed Everything
Sometime we wait years for some wonderful to happen. And then when it does, one little thing—a song, for example—can make all the difference.

General Interest

The 18 Coolest Things I Ever Learned!

Lightning Strikes!
A collection of three true stories about friends of mine who had close encounters with one of natures most powerful earthly forces: lightning! (They lived to tell the tale!A

The 12 Lists of Christmas!
More than 80 wonderful Christmas songs and recordings you’ve probably never heard! (Chris has begun publishing a short list excerpted from this master list, with internet links included, every Christmas.)

Gene Roddenberry’s Secret Ingredient
A little-known behind-the-scenes conflict may be responsible for the unparalleled success of the Star Trek TV empire. (Note: this is an edited version of an article that first appeared in Reality Change magazine.)

Boys Are In Trouble (And We’re All Paying the Price)
Men appear to be the cause of most of the world’s problems. Is there something inherently wrong with the male of the species? A closer look suggests otherwise – and that it’s time for some changes.


Ten Tips for Songwriting Success
Adapted from the forthcoming book Songwriting Demystified.

Making Creativity Work for You
Excerpted from the forthcoming book, Songwriting Demystified. Previously appeared in Songwriter’s Monthly.

Four Secrets to Writing Great Songs
Excerpted from the forthcoming book, Songwriting Demystified.

Poems by Chris

Backyard Bird TV
A celebration of our feathered friends, with photographs by Lynn Yost

Ghost Mortem (A Quantum Mechanical Afterlife Adventure)
The story of a man who dies and discovers there was much more to his life than he realized!

October, Pennsylvania
A celebration of the changing of the seasons.

Beware TYCU!
To keep your calm and sanity, beware the Things You Can’t Unsee

The Walrus Days of Winter
CK discusses winter’s woes, the snowy drifts, the icy floes, the pains each northern dweller knows
In poetry, not prose.

‘Twas the Day of Thanksgiving
An ode to the holiday and how we celebrate it

Grateful for the Moon
The moon does much more than simply light the nighttime sky.