Snow Moon

Words & Music by Christopher Kent

It’s the coldest night of February’s winter
I step outside and shiver in the snow
A bank of moonlit clouds is retreating to the east
While the full moon casts shadows on the ground below
In older days they called this light the snow moon
It’s a time of year we know what hope is worth
A thousand miles away a life is ending
As the moon begins to drift into the shadow of the Earth

Snow moon, eclipsing in the night sky
Snow moon, on a night so cold and clear
Snow moon, drifting into darkness
We lose the ones we love
And all that we can do
Is trust that someday love will reappear

I know that you’ve been fighting a noble fight
You’ve run as far as time and love allow
I still can see your face and hear your laughter
As I think about the loneliness approaching now
The moon is being swallowed up in darkness
A dozen hearts are swallowed up in grief
Sometimes there seems to be no rhyme or reason
Sometimes it’s only faith that helps us hold to our belief


This bitter winter night will bring us sorrow
The lives we lived today, forever changed tomorrow
But in my heart I know love is the strongest bond
There is no ending it cannot carry us beyond


Copyright 2008 by Christopher Kent. All rights reserved.