Juggling Infinity

Words and music by Christopher Kent

In his town in winter, it’s cold as any cave
In summer it’s so hot the flags can barely wave
He’s spent his whole life living here, an ordinary story
He’s dreamed of things he might have done, he’s dreamed of love and glory
Last night he wrote down all the things that he’d regretted every day
He threw them in the fireplace and let them burn away
He sat and watched the stars until the morning sun
Then he started to walk and never looked back
His new life had begun

He will grow despite his doubts, he’ll learn to face his fears
He’ll survive a thousand setbacks, he’ll collect his souvenirs
He’ll climb slowly higher, toward the place he was meant to be
And in the end he’ll soar like an angel — juggling infinity

Her life was never easy, on her own from an early age
Managing to survive somehow, days of sorrow, days of rage
Now she sits in her car; should she leave or should she stay?
She thinks of other choices made, the prices that we pay…
She stares into the distance, shuts her eyes and shakes her head
Then she remembers something that a friend of hers once said
“Don’t let your fears control you — leap and the net will appear”
And with a smile she realizes her choice is clear

She will grow despite her doubts, she’ll learn to face her fears
She’ll survive a thousand setbacks, she’ll collect her souvenirs
She’ll climb slowly higher, toward the place she was meant to be
And in the end she’ll soar like an angel — juggling infinity

It’s midnight on this mountaintop, the sky is dark and clear
I look up at the countless stars that you can see from here
I thought that if I made this climb I’d find my dreams; instead,
I’m just a little closer, and more mountains lie ahead.
I’ve heard so many people say, “The journey’s just too hard”
But here tonight it’s clear—some dreams you cannot disregard
This is the story of my life, there’s no denying
And I know the only way I’ll fail is if I stop trying
And I won’t stop trying

I will grow despite my doubts, I’ll learn to face my fears
I’ll survive a thousand setbacks, I’ll collect my souvenirs
I’ll climb slowly higher, toward the place we are meant to be
And in the end we’ll soar like angels — juggling infinity

Copyright 2017 by Christopher Kent—All rights reserved.