This Crazy Love

Words & Music by Christopher Kent

Ain’t it weird how love appears at inconvenient moments?
I’m just trying to live my life, then revolution foments
I see a face across a room, and suddenly without warning
I get this funny feeling I’ll be smiling in the morning

This crazy love, it’s so confusing
One day I stumble, the next day I’m cruising
It’s so painful, yet so amusing
Can’t get enough of this crazy love

First you think you’ve got it made, the world is off your shoulders
Then the moon comes falling down, like a fool you try to hold her
I used to read psychology and study the statistics
But in the end it’s only clear to wizards and to mystics


Love has a way of making worlds collide
Might as well sit back and just enjoy the ride

Love is a mystery, like boxes in the attic
Full of joy and sweet surprise, and frequently traumatic
With a little luck one day I’ll find the deeper meaning
Love creates a lot of dirt, but then it does the cleaning


Copyright 1996 by Christopher Kent. All rights reserved.