Ain’t Dead Yet

Words and music by Christopher Kent

They say all those who walk the earth must one day disappear
Now you’re looking at me funny — you’re surprised that I’m still here
Well it’s true that I’m older, a bit dilapidated
But reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated!
We all jump to conclusions at times — don’t get me started —
But you can take my word, I’m not among the departed
It’s nice you say I’m someone that you’ll never forget,
But please don’t mourn my passing — I ain’t dead yet!

I hear you say that when I’m gone you won’t know what to do
Well, when I’m gone I’m sure I’ll feel the same way too
And I know you’re upset because you’re fearing the worst
But if you shed some tears for me, make sure I’m dead first
It’s true someday I’ll wrap things up and let this body lay
I’ll say, “It’s been a hell of a ride” and I’ll be on my way
But I’m not dying any time soon, so don’t you fret
And please don’t mourn my passing — I ain’t dead yet!

Now I know that you’re worried that the ax is gonna fall
You’re thinking that the end is near, you’re gonna lose it all
Well, the thing you’re afraid of might happen, or might not
So don’t waste your time mourning for something that you’ve still got

Now the future isn’t certain, even when it seems scary
So making yourself miserable is quite unnecessary
You might think the party’s over for the human race and me
But don’t be too sure about that future you see
Yes, everything will end one day, but I’m not gonna fret
Cause you never know how many more years you’re gonna get
If someone says I’m out of time, I wouldn’t take that bet
Please don’t mourn my passing — I ain’t dead yet!

Maybe it will rain, maybe we’ll all get wet,
But please don’t mourn my passing — I ain’t dead yet!
(I’m sitting here singing to you, so you know I ain’t dead yet!)

Copyright 2022 by Christopher Kent. All rights reserved.