Long Distance Call

Words and music by Christopher Kent

The plane went down in the river
The night was dark and the water was cold
No one survived to say what had happened
That’s just the way some things unfold
His brother, at work in the basement
One hundred miles away
Suddenly felt icy water
Though he didn’t know why until the next day

It was a long distance call
A clear connection with no words at all
Not a cloud in the sky, but he felt the rain fall
It was a long distance call

In a dream I sailed down a seaway
Watching hundreds of islands go by
And each had a building on top of a hill . . .
And I wrote down the dream, though I didn’t know why
Then my best friend returned from vacation
And he told me about what he’d done
He said he’d sailed down a seaway past hundreds of islands
With a castle on top of each one


Sometimes the power of the human heart
Cannot be contained
And we are bound together
In ways that cannot be explained

I desperately needed to speak to a friend
I hadn’t seen seen for a couple of years
I sat down and mentally asked her to call
My thoughts and emotions were strong and clear
When the phone rang a half hour later, it was her
I said, “What took you so long?”
And she said she’d been right in the middle of class
But she heard me call, and she knew that something was wrong


Copyright 2003 by Christopher Kent. All rights reserved.