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Staying Off the Wheel of Misfortune presents a powerful set of ideas and strategies designed to help you avoid 10 of life’s biggest pitfalls, both practical and psychological – pitfalls that can sideline you and undermine your efforts to create the life you’d like to be living. A compendium of real-life stories and examples, combined with the latest research (along with 15 illustrations, tables and charts), Staying Off the Wheel of Misfortune shows what can go wrong in life; why it often does; and how you can avoid missteps, or recover from them if you’re already caught on the Wheel of Misfortune. Using the ideas in this book, you can become a passionate, effective, adaptable and caring person, in good times or hard times – while creating the life you want.

Staying Off the Wheel of Misfortune is one half of the book and CD set Help and Hope. The CD, Piece of the Puzzle (12 Songs of Hope) – available separately – is Christopher’s fifth CD. It’s a fully-produced album featuring a dozen of his most popular original songs, celebrating human strength, insight and heart. By turns funny, inspirational and always thought-provoking, Piece of the Puzzle reminds us that no matter what the challenge, we can prevail.


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Rating: 5 Stars (out of 5)
Excellent information that is well organized.
What a pleasant surprise! This book is well-organized, easy to read, and has a whole lot of valuable information and insight. It’s more than a one-time read and can serve as an ongoing reference for addressing life’s issues. Very well done!
Rating: 5 Stars
Humorous and smart. This book is a great achievement for the author and real discovery for a reader. If you read thoughtfully and try to digest the concept you’ll find yourself thinking about it in many everyday life situations, applying this concept over and over,and finding a happier you at the end. I loved it and recommended it to many of my friends.
Rating: 5 Stars
Good advice ….I found it helpful. 
This easy to read guide could be life changing. There’s a lot to digest here…but if you take it step by step, the optimistic outlook and advice Mr. Kent dishes will get you back on your feet. And check out Chris Kent’s music….he’s a hell of a songwriter!

Rating: 5 Stars
What a Fine Life Manual … What a fine life manual, complete not only with the wisdom of the ages in contemporary and witty language, but the now-known science behind this wisdom! Staying Off the Wheel of Misfortune would be an excellent book for a discussion group. Chris Kent’s beautiful songs, so well written, sung and produced by him, are the music I listen to and sing along with while driving in traffic and I find myself singing them throughout the day. I’ll be ordering copies of this book and CD to give as gifts.

Rating: 5 Stars
Deeply Insightful. “Staying off the Wheel of Misfortune” is typical of what one has come to expect of Chris Kent, who infuses his work with such gentle humor, the reader comes away not only uplifted, but smiling to oneself, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Especially enlightening is the section on Letting Go Of Certainty. I wish I could afford to share this book with everyone, known or unknown. The world would surely be a better place for taking it to heart.

Staying Off the Wheel of Misfortune is available at and; it’s also available on Kindle, and as an audiobook through