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Christopher posts new creations here every month, including music, original articles, poems and music videos! (His new music tracks are also usually available everywhere across the Web, although you can usually download them here for free.) Recently, he’s been releasing tracks from three new album projects: Wild IdeasThe Heart Chronicles and a Christmas album, Songs of the Season. (Last month he released the final track from Wild Ideas, which will be available on CD soon!) You can listen to and/or download most of the tracks from all three forthcoming albums below. You’ll also find a collection of Fan Favorites, for those of you visiting for the first time!
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This month I’m happy to share TWO new  Christmas releases to brighten your holiday!

First, a new original Christmas song (number eight if anyone is counting)!  It features harmony by my good friend Maureen McElheron (perhaps best known among my fans for her harmony on fan favorite You Are the One), and jingle bells played by my wife Lynn Yost! If this doesn’t get you in the Christmas spirit, nothing will!









The second Christmas feature
for this year is a new original article I’ve written about the history of the Christmas holiday!  It explains how the holiday evolved from a simple commemoration of the birth of Jesus into a worldwide, weeks-long (in some cases months-long) celebration of peace, joy and hope for the future. I do a deep dive into 10 pivotal changes that shaped the holiday as we know it today, including the details of the Nativity story; the decision to place the celebration on December 25; the gradual development of a host of Christmas songs; the Santa Claus and Ebenezer Scrooge stories; the advent of radio, television and film; and the impact of changing ideas about the possibility of actually achieving peace on earth. The article is chock-full of little-known facts about the holiday, and guaranteed to make you see Christmas in a new light! (It should be especially interesting to those who scratch their heads every year wondering how this holiday became such a monster!)

To read the essay, click on the title below!  Enjoy!!

The Evolution of Christmas: How a straightforward religious holiday became a worldwide celebration of peace, joy, love and hope.

And in case you missed them:

To hear the other seven Christmas originals already released from Chris’s upcoming Christmas suite Songs of the  Season, click here!

Here are the previous releases from Christopher’s recently completed album project: Wild Ideas! (It will be available on CD this winter!) Click on the images below to hear the songs!


Act One: Falling

It’s Just Been a Long Time  (Act One, Song #1)
This Crazy Love  (Act One, Song #2)
I Don’t Need Reasons for Loving You (Act One, Song #3)

Act Two: Failing
Pointing the Finger
(Act Two, Song #1)
I Thought I’d Found You (Act Two, Song #4)
Turning Away (Act Two, Song #5)

Act Three: Fulfilling
This Baby Might Fly  (Act Three, Song #1)
How to Disagree  (Act Three, Song #3)
At the True Love Store (Act Three, Song #5)

Just An Old Love Song  (Epilogue, Song #2)

Click to hear the songs!

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You Are the One

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Click to read (or listen to) the poems!

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