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Christopher posts new creations here every month, including music, original articles, poems and music videos! (His new music tracks are also usually available everywhere across the Web, although you can usually download them here for free.) Recently, he’s been releasing tracks from three new album projects: Wild IdeasThe Heart Chronicles and a Christmas album, Songs of the Season. You can listen to and/or download most of those tracks below. You’ll also find a collection of Fan Favorites, for those of you visiting for the first time! He’s also publishing a new essay, original article, commentary or poem almost every month.
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I recently discovered that my “Contact” page on this website hasn’t been forwarding messages to me. Apparently, this has been going on for several years without my knowledge! (Yikes…) So, if you’ve sent me a message any time in the past few years and failed to get a reply, my sincere apologies. I never saw your note! However, the problem has now been fixed.

Again, if I missed your message, I apologize. Please try again, and I promise to reply!!


This month I’m releasing a new song, plus: Part One of a three-part essay: The 18 Coolest Things I Ever Learned! Enjoy!














To read the lyrics to I Know Who’s In There, click here!

I’ve always believed that it’s our job to learn as much as possible during our lives and then pass what we’ve learned along for the next generation to add to. In that spirit, here’s part one of a new three-part essay! To read it, just click on the title below!

The 18 Coolest Things I ever Learned (Part One)

In Part One:
1. Why is the Mona Lisa’s smile such a big deal?
How do spiders build a web between two objects that are high up and not very close to each other?
The full moon is six times as bright as a half-moon, and twice as bright as it is three days before or after the full moon. Why?
What makes one piece of art evoke an emotional reaction, while a seemingly similar piece of art leaves us flat?
Why does a mirror image appear to flip a reflection left to right?
During the Middle Ages the Arab world was far more culturally and scientifically advanced than Europe, for almost 500 years. Why was that, and what caused Europe to finally pull ahead?

PS: If you happened to have expertise in one of these areas and would like to add to my comments (or challenge them!), feel free to contact me through the contact page! I’m still learning…

Here are the previous releases from Christopher’s album project: Wild Ideas — Songs From the Edge! (Click on the images below to hear the songs!)


Act One: Falling

It’s Just Been a Long Time  (Act One, Song #1)
This Crazy Love  (Act One, Song #2)
I Don’t Need Reasons for Loving You (Act One, Song #3)

Act Two: Failing
Pointing the Finger
(Act Two, Song #1)
I Thought I’d Found You (Act Two, Song #4)
Turning Away (Act Two, Song #5)

Act Three: Fulfilling
This Baby Might Fly  (Act Three, Song #1)
How to Disagree  (Act Three, Song #3)
At the True Love Store (Act Three, Song #5)

Just An Old Love Song  (Epilogue, Song #2)

Click to hear the songs!

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You Are the One

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Click to read (or listen to) the poems!

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