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This month: Lies and Honesty!

    For May, I’m releasing two new original works. First, I’m publishing Part 1 of a four-part essay called Staying Afloat in a Sea of Lies, which explains how political lies are used to fool people—and what we can do about it. In Part 1, I tackle the psychology that’s used to get people to believe lies—and keep them believing those lies in spite of contradictory evidence. Some recent research shines a new light on how this works! (This essay series is adapted from my forthcoming book The Tyranny of Certainty.)
To read the essay, click on the link below!

Staying Afloat in a Sea of LiesPart 1: Why Do People Fall for Lies?

    I’m also releasing a new recording that will be part of my Heart Chronicles album. This song, Honest Anger, was written back when I was in college, when I was taking a class in jazz; I decided to try my hand at writing a blues song, and this was the result. Lyrically, this was my answer to a Paul Simon song called Tenderness, about a partner who was honest to a fault, but sometimes sacrificed tenderness in the name of being honest. I was dating someone who was the opposite; always tender, but unable to express honest anger, even when it needed to be expressed. That became the subject of this song. (I previously released a live performance of Honest Anger, recorded at a house concert in my early days in New York City. You can listen to that version in the Basement Tapes collection, for comparison. See the icon on the left side of this page.).
     To make this new version of Honest Anger  stand out, I rewrote the lyrics to help it fit into the storyline of The Heart Chronicles; then, I enlisted the help of my friend John “JT” Thompson, an awesome keyboard player specializing in the blues who has played on many of my previous recordings. (Check out The More We Learn, the Less We Know, from the Wild Ideas collection [see below], for example.) Instead of my playing guitar on this track, JT takes the lead on piano, with me providing a new vocal and a new arrangement in the background. The result is interesting and quite different from most of my recordings! Please check it out!








To read the lyrics to Honest Anger, click here!

A live recording of a new fan favorite, Purple Soup and Green Spaghetti, plus a new essay about the world we’re living in: It Was the Worst of Times? Maybe Not.
Part 2 of Staying Afloat in a Sea of Lies: The Liar’s Handbook.

Act One: Falling

It’s Just Been a Long Time  (Act One, Song #1)
This Crazy Love  (Act One, Song #2)
I Don’t Need Reasons for Loving You (Act One, Song #3)
Sweet Love in the Morning (Act One, Song #4)

Act Two: Failing
Pointing the Finger
(Act Two, Song #1)
Honest Anger (Act Two Song #2)
Taking Control(Act Two, Song #3)
I Thought I’d Found You (Act Two, Song #4)
Turning Away (Act Two, Song #5)

Act Three: Fulfilling
This Baby Might Fly  (Act Three, Song #1)
How to Disagree  (Act Three, Song #3)
At the True Love Store (Act Three, Song #5)

Just An Old Love Song  (Epilogue, Song #2)

Here are the releases from Christopher’s recently completed album project: Wild Ideas! (It will be available on CD this winter!) Click on the images below to hear the songs!


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You Are the One

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