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A Special Note from Chris:

First of all, my heart goes out to everyone impacted by Hurricane Ida, the crisis in Afghanistan, wildfires in the West, weather disasters around the globe and/or Covid. I debated whether or not to release new material in the midst of all of this trauma, but ultimately decided that nothing would be gained by holding back. So, here’s a new recording, plus part three of my essay The 18 Coolest Things I Ever Learned. I hope you enjoy them!

This month, I’m releasing the next-to-last track from the Wild Ideas collection: The Last Stomping Ground on the Road to Oblivion. It deals with the question of what happens after we die. Some religions say we’re judged by a vengeful god; science suggests that we simply turn to dust and cease to exist.

I’m not buying either idea…hence this song!


To read the lyrics to The Last Stomping Ground on the Road to Oblivion, click here!

I’ve always believed that it’s our job to learn as much as possible during our lives and then pass what we’ve learned along for the next generation to add to. In that spirit, here’s the final section of my three-part essay! (To read it, just click on the title below!)

The 18 Coolest Things I Ever Learned (Part 3)

13. Why do we have Trade Winds on the oceans?
14. Why do the hands of a clock run clockwise, not counterclockwise?
15. What’s really going on in the Bermuda Triangle?
16. Why is going to the top of a mountain on a clear night not always the best way to see the stars?
17. What caused product design to suddenly become important in the 20th Century?
18. Can you tell what someone is thinking by watching their eyes?

And in case you missed the previous two parts:

The 18 Coolest Things I ever Learned (Part One)

1. Why is the Mona Lisa’s smile such a big deal?
How do spiders build a web between two objects that are high up and not very close to each other?
The full moon is six times as bright as a half-moon, and twice as bright as it is three days before or after the full moon. Why?
What makes one piece of art evoke an emotional reaction, while a seemingly similar piece of art leaves us flat?
Why does a mirror image appear to flip a reflection left to right?
During the Middle Ages the Arab world was far more culturally and scientifically advanced than Europe, for almost 500 years. Why was that, and what caused Europe to finally pull ahead?

The 18 Coolest Things I ever Learned (Part Two)

7. Where did Groundhog Day, May Day and Halloween come from?
Why are the Hawaiian Islands in a chain with a large, volcanic island at one end and progressively smaller islands as you go up the chain?
9. What advantage do zebras gain by having stripes?
10. Who almost single-handedly shaped much of the modern English language?
11. Adult humans can’t breathe and swallow at the same time, but newborns can. How is that possible?
12. How did Einstein get to be so smart?

Here are the previous releases from Christopher’s album project: Wild Ideas — Songs From the Edge! (Click on the images below to hear the songs!)


Act One: Falling

It’s Just Been a Long Time  (Act One, Song #1)
This Crazy Love  (Act One, Song #2)
I Don’t Need Reasons for Loving You (Act One, Song #3)

Act Two: Failing
Pointing the Finger
(Act Two, Song #1)
I Thought I’d Found You (Act Two, Song #4)
Turning Away (Act Two, Song #5)

Act Three: Fulfilling
This Baby Might Fly  (Act Three, Song #1)
How to Disagree  (Act Three, Song #3)
At the True Love Store (Act Three, Song #5)

Just An Old Love Song  (Epilogue, Song #2)

Click to hear the songs!

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You Are the One

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