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Chris has been creating a series of concept albums, and this month he’s announcing a brand new one! You can check out tracks from his previous seven albums—four of which are available on CD—by clicking on the album icons to the left! Chris also occasionally releases singles that will appear on other future albums.

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First up, some great news! The latest numbers are in, and my songs are now averaging 20,000 listens per year, through streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, etc.! Not bad for an independent, “unknown” artist!


Now that my Wild Ideas and Heart Chronicles albums are complete, I’m happy to announce my next concept album project: Who Are You, AnywayThe songs on this album will focus on a key question: What kind of person have you allowed yourself to become — and why? Some of the songs in this collection profile individuals who’ve been shaped by their choices; other songs address the issues surrounding how we become the person we are. (Who Are You, Anyway? will include five songs previously released as singles.)

This month, I’m releasing the title song for the new album. I think it’s one of my best songs, and the arrangement — featuring some fiery lead guitar played by long-time collaborator Bill Filer — sounds great. Check it out and see what you think!















To read the lyrics to Who Are You, Anyway, click here!

Meanwhile, great reviews of last month’s essay continue to come in, so I’ve decided to leave it posted for another month! Please check it out!

How Audio Technology Created Popular Music (and Changed the Way We Listen)

Coming next month: Another song from the Who Are You, Anyway? collection, plus a new essay, Masterpiece Missedwhich tells a dozen stories about groundbreaking ideas, books and songs that had a huge impact on the world, but almost didn’t see the light of day because they flew in the face of people’s ideas when they first arrived.

Enjoy the start of spring! (Arriving one of these days!!)

Songs already released for the new album Who Are You, Anyway?






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You Are the One (original version)

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