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Chris has been creating a series of concept albums; he’s currently released all but one final track from album #7,  The Heart Chronicles (see below).  (You can check out tracks from his previous six albums—four of which are available on CD—by clicking on the album icons to the left!) Chris has also nearly completed an all-original Christmas album; you can check out the latest original Christmas song below! Meanwhile, Chris is releasing occasional singles that will appear on other future albums.

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Every year, lots of artists write and record new Christmas songs. If that makes you yawn or roll your eyes, I don’t blame you! Most new Christmas songs rehash familiar sentiments, and many of them don’t even evoke the spirit of the season.

This month, as I release my 9th original Christmas song, I’d like to explain that what I’m doing is a bit different. The collection of original holiday songs I’ve been creating, titled Songs of the Season, is meant to create a portrait of the holiday that celebrates all the best parts of the season, but from a fresh perspective. Each song I’ve released focuses on a different aspect of the holiday. (The previous releases are all available for your listening pleasure below, along with a description of what each song is about.)

But first, here’s the latest Christmas track, celebrating all of our contemporary Christmas traditions, from lights to presents to music, that raise our spirits and remind us that good cheer can still be part of our lives! (The recording features harmonies by Maureen McElheron, Drums by Kevin Lowe, and jingle bells played by Lynn Yost!) Enjoy!!









(To read the lyrics to A Very Merry Time of the Year, click here!)

Also this month, I’m also posting free links to 12 extraordinary Christmas recordings by other artists, recordings that many people have never heard, that deserve to be part of your annual Christmas music playlist. Some are original songs, while others are unique arrangements of Christmas classics (for example, Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy, arranged for bicycle sounds!). All of them are marvelous, and vetted by me!

To listen to 12 extraordinary Christmas recordings by other folks, click here!

Here are the previous Christmas originals from Songs of the Season!

Songs of the Season (the title song) celebrates the power of the best Christmas music to lift our spirits, bring back treasured memories, and bring us hope. (A music reviewer once called it “the best holiday standard you’ve never heard.”)

Songs of the Season








Christmas-y celebrates the joy of anticipating the holiday (which is surely one of the best parts of the season!)



A Christmas to Remember tells three stories of Christmases past, when Christmas managed to be extraordinary despite occuring in less-than-ideal circumstances.

A Christmas to Remember


The Heart of Christmas celebrates our ability to make our own holiday wonderful by helping others have a merry Christmas.

The Heart of Christmas


The Dawn of Christmas Day tells the Bethlehem story from a unique perspective…The baby can see the future!

The Dawn of Christmas Day


Under a Christmas Moon is about trying to have faith in humanity and the future when the world around us seems dark and the future looks bleak. Somehow, Christmas can still give us hope…

Under a Christmas Moon (The Christmas Blessing)


The 12 Gifts of Christmas celebrates the 12 blessings that Christmas offers to us every year…that are there for the taking!

The 12 Gifts of Christmas








A Song for St. Nicholas
 tells the story of how the ever-popular Santa Clause legend came into being when a clever writer combined multiple existing Christmas legends.

A Song for St. Nicholas


The Heart Chronicles uses songs to tell a chronological story about a young man’s experiences as he discovers that falling in love is awesome — but staying in love takes a lot of work.

Creating something like this has been on my mind since my earliest days as a songwriter; in fact, I performed a one-man show along these lines in New York City in my 20s. (I have no doubt that Joni Mitchell’s album Court and Spark — a masterpiece that uses brilliant, insightful songs to tell the story of a failed love affair — motivated me to attempt it.) In those days, I wasn’t in a position to record an album, so after doing my one-man show I set aside the idea. But I always knew I’d come back to it. Today, with many more songs in my repertoire about the challenges of being in a relationship, I can assemble a pretty compelling story.

Below, you’ll find the songs I’ve already released as part of this project. Only a few songs remain, and they’ll be released in the upcoming months!

Act One: Falling


Click to hear the songs!

Icon-Piece of the Puzzle 1Icon-Pretty Damn Good 1

You Are the One (original version)

Icon-The Eagle
Insect Bite CD-1400-300dpi

Icon-Molecule Man


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