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Although he frequently publishes original essays on this site, Chris is best known for his series of concept albums; he releases new tracks here each month until an album is complete. (Chris also occasionally releases singles that will appear on future albums yet to be announced.) In recent months he’s begun releasing songs from two brand new album projects: WHO ARE YOU, ANYWAY?  and  JOURNEYS. You can check out the already released tracks that will be part of those albums, below. And as always, you can also listen to tracks from his previous seven albums by clicking on the album icons to the left!

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News flash!

The latest stats show that my song Turning Away (released back in October 2020, part of the Heart Chronicles album) is getting major “airplay” on Spotify this year! If you haven’t heard it, please give it a listen!









Because of a series of family crises, I haven’t been able to finish the new recording and essay I’ve been working on for October. Instead, here’s a song I released several years ago as part of my EARTHSONGS album. Given the floods, wildfires, droughts and storms affecting so many around the world this year, rereleasing this song seems very timely…

Hopefully, more new stuff next month!! 

Songs already released from my two current album projects:












Here are the songs already released that will appear on JOURNEYS:

Here are the songs already released that will appear on my other new album Who Are You, Anyway?








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You Are the One (original version)

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