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This month I’m releasing a new song, Is This a Test? and a new essay, The Upside of Crisis: Solving “Unsolvable” Problems

Back in 1990, our good friend Wyatt Townley, Poet Laureate of Kansas, released her first book of poetry, titled Perfectly Normal. One of the featured poems, referencing how she dealt with a trauma in her life, was titled Is This a Test? When I first read the poem, I remember thinking that the title was a great question for anyone looking over the circumstances of their life. Some years later I revisited that thought and wrote a song with the same title, asking the same question about my own life. 

Today — considering the crazy times in which we live — the song seems particularly appropriate. So, I finally recorded and produced it for your listening pleasure. (The result features the tasty rock stylings of lead guitarist Bill Filer.) Enjoy!








To read the lyrics to Is This a Test?, click here!

Also this month, I’m publishing a new original essay about the times we live in. The Upside of Crisis: Solving “Unsolvable” Problems makes the argument that times of crisis (like the one we’re living in) serve an essential purpose: They override people’s reluctance to making changes to their lives and the world around them. This sudden willingness to try different ideas allows new approaches, ones that might actually solve our seemingly unsolvable problems, to rise to the surface and get implemented. These potential solutions to our biggest problems are already being developed, but without a crisis, many of them would never be implemented.

In that spirit, I share some of the new ideas already in development that may help solve three of the problems currently facing us: 1) a potential collapse of our traditional food chain; 2) running out of drinkable water; and 3) inequality, which contributes to widespread poverty, suffering and the collapse of countries. Obviously, this is just scratching the surface of the mountain of troubles we’re facing, but I hope these examples will make the point that all is not lost.

The new essay is a bit long, but it’s full of interesting facts and ideas. If you don’t have time to read the whole thing, I hope you’ll at least read the first and/or last sections to get a sense of the message. My intention is to alleviate a little of the fear and anxiety many of us are feeling right now, by showing current events in a different light. We could all use a little hope right about now!

To read The Upside of Crisis: Solving “Unsolvable” Problems, click here!

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Here are the songs already released that will appear on my other new album Who Are You, Anyway?








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