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Christopher posts new creations here every month—mostly music, but also the occasional original article, illustrated poem or music video. (His new music tracks are also usually available everywhere across the Web, although you can usually download them here for free.) Recently, he’s been releasing tracks from three brand new album projects: Wild IdeasThe Heart Chronicles and a Christmas album, Songs of the Season. You can listen to and/or download most of those tracks below. You’ll also find a collection of Fan Favorites, for those of you visiting for the first time! He’s also publishing a new feature called Resources for Sanity and Survival, with new additions every month or two. Please stop by every month to see and hear what’s new—and if you like what you find, please share it with your friends!

Desperate for some good cheer and hope for the future this holiday season, but tired of the same Christmas music you always hear? You’re in luck! This month I’m offering two items to brighten your holidays with fresh Christmas music!

First: After spending 10 years searching for wonderful Christmas music that rarely gets played, I’m sharing the results of my efforts, to brighten your holiday! I’ve compiled 12 lists encompassing more than 80 wonderful Christmas songs and recordings that most people have never heard. I provide a brief description of each recording, so you can track down the ones that sound appealing on the internet and create a truly unique Christmas playlist! (As you might imagine, I’ve got all of these on my personal playlist, and listening to it every year has made the holiday more wonderful than ever!)

To read the article, click on the link below! (At the end of the article you’ll find a downloadable pdf that you can print out and keep for future reference!)

The 12 Lists of Christmas: More than 80 wonderful Christmas songs and recordings you’ve probably never heard!

If that’s not enough, my second release this month is my latest Christmas original, “A Song for St. Nicholas,” which tells the story of how Santa Claus was created. It’s not your standard Santa song! (Fair warning: It may not be suitable for very young true believers—it gives away too many secrets!!) Plus, my previous six Christmas originals can be listened to below! Ho ho ho!

To read the lyrics for A Song for St. Nicholas, click here!

Tracks previously released from Songs of the Season: An Original Christmas Suite:


As those of you who’ve read my book Staying Off the Wheel of Misfortune know, I’ve always been a student of human behavior, and I’m always on the lookout for insights and useful advice to incorporate into my books and songs. I’m dipping into that reservoir once again to share some of the most helpful advice I’ve found for dealing with situations of great uncertainty, stress and loss.

Some Quotes of Note for Those Who Vote

A second collection of wise and witty quotes….

Democracy in Crisis, 2020  

An unconventional perspective about how we got here—and what might come next.

How to Stay Sane During Massive Change

Strategies for maintaining peace of mind and staying effective in the midst of world upheaval.

Songs of Peace, Hope, Joy and Grace

A dozen songs from Christopher’s first four albums that can help you stay calm and hopeful in challenging times.

A Quorum of Pithy Quotes for Pandemic Quarantine!

A collection of wise and witty quotes from Einstein, Groucho Marx, Bozo the Clown, Robert Frost, H.G. Wells, George Carlin, Mark Twain, Andy Rooney and many, many more!

Yes, We’re In the Midst of a Crisis. Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Lose Hope

In nature, change happens in cycles that include a periodic collapse like the one we’re going through right now. If we’re lucky, whatever happens in the next couple of years will leave us with a stronger democracy and a country better able to achieve its highest ideals.

Solving the Unsolvable

Sometimes solving the toughest problems requires solving a meta-problem first.

Marching Toward Waterloo

Today’s tyrants and dictators (both established and aspiring) are about to face the same enemy that really defeated Napoleon – and it wasn’t an opposing army.


Here are the previous releases from Christopher’s project: Wild Ideas — Songs From the Edge! (Click on the images below to hear the songs!)








Act One: Falling
It’s Just Been a Long Time  (Act One, Song #1)
This Crazy Love  (Act One, Song #2)
I Don’t Need Reasons for Loving You (Act One, Song #3)

Act Two: Failing
I Thought I’d Found You (Act Two, Song #4)
Turning Away (Act Two, Song #5)

Act Three: Fulfilling
This Baby Might Fly  (Act Three, Song #1)

Just An Old Love Song  (Epilogue, Song #2)

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You Are the One

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