Gray January Day

Music and lyrics by Christopher Kent

It’s a melancholy day and there’s nothing to do
I sort of feel like meeting somebody new
But maybe I’ll just lie here and think about you
To melt away the gray
There’s plenty of time to just lie and relax
To watch the ceiling where the plaster cracks are
Makes me with that you were here, scratchin’ my back
But there really isn’t much to say

It’s a gray January day, as they say
It kind of sends my mind away
Like a little grass boat on a river of rain
No, I can’t complain
No, I can’t complain

There’s nobody waiting, I’ve got no place to go
The only sound is the rain on the window
Wishin’ you were here, with the time passing slow
But I know that everything’s OK


Well I guess I’ll just lie here for a while or two
And let my head do whatever it wants to
I guess we all like to feel a little blue
But it’s bound to happen anyway


Copyright 1971/2021 by Christopher Kent. All rights reserved.