A Song for Saint Nicholas

Words and Music by Christopher Kent

For centuries there have been legends of men
Who brought presents in December and disappeared again
Some told of Saint Nicholas, a bishop of old
A good-hearted man who brought gifts through the cold
But the Germans had Furry Nicholas, all in furs he was clad
He brought gifts for the good kids and sticks for the bad
His furs were all dusted with ashes and soot
And he came to your house each December on foot

It was in the 1820s a writer most clever
Figured out how to bring these two legends together
‘Twas the night before Christmas in his marvelous poem
With a brand new Saint Nicholas, a jolly old gnome
Now this Nicholas was a magical gift-bringing elf
Who was into good cheer and sharing the wealth
With eight flying reindeer he traveled so quick
People everywhere soon were big fans of St. Nick!

So here’s to Saint Nicholas, that jolly old soul
For the smiles that he brings and the spirits he lifts
He’s as good a man as the best of us
A Christmas saint for the rest of us
He’s our friend Saint Nicholas, the bringer of gifts

People soon realized he lived far away
‘Cause he never appeared except on Christmas day
With reindeer, and needing to stay out of sight all the rest of the year, The North Pole seemed just right.
And while people spread the word of Nick’s good cheer and sharing
An artist redesigned what St. Nicholas was wearing
A big red cloth suit with white fur just as trim;
With boots, belt and hat, there was no mistaking him!


So why has Saint Nick lasted so many years?
Why do children still wait for his sleigh to appear?
He’s a symbol of giving, asking nothing in return
Generosity and kindness, things we all need to learn
He’s joyful and caring, bringing good will to all
And grownups still remember how they felt
When St. Nick came to call


Copyright 2016 by Christopher Kent. All rights reserved.