Song of the 12th House

Words & Music by Christopher Kent

Mechanical dancer lost in a scene
Mysterious answer, tarnished and green
Silence and motion blow through your soul
Carrying changes beyond your control
For so many years now I’ve been riding the wave
Looking for faces and songs to save
Making my way through the love and debris
Misunderstanding in order to see

Up on the highway where cities grow
I watched an old factory burn down in the snow
Plans and construction alive in the ice
Blackened and crushed by their own device…
Well somebody told me once that life is unkind
It takes all your sorrows and leaves you behind
But I can see plainly now, he brought himself down
‘Cause what he expected was just what he found

It’s just like the love that flows between you and me
Sometimes the answers take so long to see
But out of the changes for right and for wrong
I finally found who was running the show
And I was the one all along

Copyright 1980 by Christopher Kent. All rights reserved.