Who Are You, Anyway?

Words and music by Christopher Kent

Are you a sometime hero? Are you a sometime fool?
Do you believe in fate? Has it been kind to you, or cruel?
Are you the one who always takes from others, or the one who gives?
Do you decide who wins the prize? The one who dies or lives?
Do you have secrets kept inside, a jail of your own making?
Do you pretend that nothing’s wrong, even when your heart is breaking?
Do you wish you’d been somebody else, a billionaire or a star?
Do people really see you, or only who they think you are?

You can choose to be the villain, or you can choose to save the day
You can let your deepest feelings show, or bury them away
If someone tells you how to live, you can choose to disobey
Who are you, anyway?

Do you regret some angry words, or things you never said?
Have you given up, or do you think your best days lie ahead?
Are you the one you hoped you’d be, or did you get derailed?
Are waiting for your ship to come in, or has it sailed?
Are you afraid of growing old? Are you afraid of dying?
If youth was yours at the cost of your soul, would you be buying?
Do you think your life is blessed, or totally unfair?
Do you try to do the right thing? Do you even care?

You can see the world in black and white, or countless shades of gray
If you have more than you’ll ever need, you can give it all away
You can make yourself a dove of peace, or become a bird of prey
Who are you, anyway?

When you’ve come to the end of your lifeline
And the reckoning hour is at hand
Will you celebrate all of the people you’ve been
Or mourn not being the person you planned?
Every kindness you’ve done will outlive you,
No matter how small
So: Will the story you tell be remembered
By the world? By a few? Or by no one at all?

You can treasure what life gives you, or you can throw it all away
You can do the right thing now or hope you’ll get to it someday
Countless lives will change depending on the role you choose to play
So … Who are you, anyway?

Copyright 2022 by Christopher Kent. All rights reserved.