Roses On the Wind

Words & Music by Christopher Kent

Sometimes on a summer’s evening, with all the windows open
I catch the scent of roses on a gentle gust of wind
It’s funny how a scent can bring back all those sweet emotions
And carry us to other times and places we’ve been….

It seems like only yesterday I passed your garden gate
The honeysuckle smelled so sweet, the hour was getting late
You were standing by a flowerbed watching neighbors’ children play
I don’t know why you smiled at me, but I couldn’t turn away…
Your house was small and cozy, something bright in every room
The flowers in your garden always seemed to be in bloom
Your kitchen smelled like fresh-baked bread, and sometimes coffee, too—
But nothing smelled as wondrous as the roses you grew

Now every time I catch the scent of roses on the wind
I love the place it carries me to
Cause every time I catch the scent of roses on the wind
I think of you

Now I’m walking through a pine-filled woods, a storm is in the air
I remember how I always loved the fragrance of your hair
The smell of distant burning logs brings back an autumn night
A fire in the woodstove, and we held each other tight
We cooked ourselves a home-grown meal in that cabin in the woods
Onions and potatoes frying, fresh-baked pie that smelled so good
Later, candles burning cast their light across the floor
And the smell of roses wafted from a vase beside the door


Even things we’ve truly loved
The gifts that sometimes life will give
They fade into our memory
Replaced by other lives we’ve lived
But all it takes is one sweet smell
To build a bridge between now and then
And all those things we thought we’d lost
Become as real as life again


Copyright 2011 by Christopher Kent. All rights reserved.