Overdue (The Library Song)

Words and Music by Christopher Kent

The librarian let you in
You said that you were looking for love
She pointed out the section I’m in
As you removed your velvet glove
You took me down off of the shelf
I felt your fingers on my pages
I should have checked your library card
But reading can be so contagious

Oh darlin’ I loaned my heart to you
But you never got past chapter two
I’ve got smudges on my jacket, pages ripped out, too
You’ve got me feeling like I’m overdue

Now I could tell that you’d been reading
Dime store novels ‘bout big shot lovers
But there is more to the book of love
Than what you find between the covers
You never take me out with you
I got the feeling you’ve been spending
A lot of time with some paperback, too
There goes our happy ending


Sometimes I can be reserved
I’ll sit and wait for an invitation
But you never seem to read me right
I think it’s time to get back in circulation


Copyright 1982 by Christopher Kent. All rights reserved.