Honest Anger (Lyrics)

Honest Anger

Words and music by Christopher Kent

Some days you win, some days you lose
Some days you’ve just got to live with the blues
Some days your friends are bound to let you down
Breaking promises and playing around
Well you don’t say it, but it’s in your eyes
You know I’ve been telling you lies
But you try so hard, so damn hard to be strong
You’ve got to say something when you know I’m wrong

You can love me, you can hate me
I wouldn’t ask for more
A little honest anger
That’s all I’m looking for

You’ve been around here long enough to know
Things don’t get better when you just let them go
If you’re going to love me in the morning and love me at night
Why can’t you face me when something’s not right?


There’s no reason for you to hang your head
Sometimes the bad things have just got to be said
And it ain’t no use being lovers if we’re not friends
And you know I want to be your friend, darlin’

I’ll give you my loving all the time
Just give me honesty—it ain’t no crime
For you to love me when I’m good and give me hell when I’m not
Tenderness is nothing, if it’s all you’ve got


Copyright 1974 by Christopher Kent. All rights reserved.