Under a Christmas Moon (The Christmas Blessing)

On Christmas Eve, the moon was bright; the world seemed all aglow
A recent storm had left the ground blanketed with snow.
I walked into a nearby woods to a clearing decked in white
In which one fir tree stood alone beneath the moon’s bright light
The fir tree looked quite magical; it stood as tall as me
I pulled a star from my pocket and placed it atop that tree
Then I stood back, admiring this moonlit postcard scene
And I thought of all the things Christmas day is supposed to mean…

Every year at Christmas we sing “Good will to men”
But every year it seems like hate and war will never end
Some people think it’s hopeless, that we’ll never get that far
But don’t you believe the ones who say we’re trapped the way we are
‘Cause it’s not some fatal flaw in us that’s caused this situation—
It’s certainty about beliefs passed down for generations.
So don’t lose faith in peace on earth—it’s not naïve;
‘Cause history’s proved one thing for sure: We can change what we believe
We can change what we believe

The fir tree stood in silence underneath that starry dome
And with a sense of hope I turned and headed back toward home
In just a few hours Christmas Day would bring a chance for some
To share a little love and joy, and hope for days to come…
So set your sights on peace on earth, have faith that it’s in store
And do your best to let it in when it’s knocking at your door
Have faith that one day soon the hate and anger all will leave,
That we’ll get that Christmas gift the world is longing to receive
True peace will find us one day soon, like a star on Christmas Eve
Because that’s the Christmas blessing—we can change what we believe
We can change what we believe
We can change what we believe

Copyright 2016 by Christopher Kent. All rights reserved.