Stranger in My Own Land

Words & Music by Christopher Kent

Lost above the goldfish pond, going where I said I’d go
Trying to keep the people happy—I wonder if the people know
Going back to where I started, leaving castles in the sand
I hear an angel laughing at me
A stranger in my own land

Sitting on my mountainside, listening to the nighttime town
All around me dark-sky mountains swallow up the midnight sound
Down below me life is living, but all around the dark hills stand
Night would like to get to know me
A stranger in my own land

It’s raining in the valley, from a sky of silver crystal
And falling on the tree leaves
Would you come and live with me if I could build a house up there?
I’d love you on a thousand hills
That stretch off through the twilight air

Sky and backyard gone to buildings
Photographs turned yellow-brown
I could have stayed right up on top
But now I can’t stop coming down
Things are not the way I knew them,
Trees and houses grown and changed
Things aren’t found until you lose them
And life can never be the same
I’m a stranger in my own land…
A stranger

Copyright 1971 by Christopher Kent. All rights reserved.