Wealthy Women

(Words & Music by Christopher Kent)

Once I knew a lady, she wanted me for her own
But she always made me sit up straight and leave my teeth alone
She was a wealthy woman, and I guess it was plain to see
She knew all the social graces, and she bothered the hell out of me

And so I’m giving up the high life
It’s love, not money, gonna see me through
And all them wealthy women
Ain’t got nothing at all on you

Sometimes I get the urge when I’m lying in bed with you
To light up a cigarette and talk real low like the guys in the movies do
But when I feel your body pressing up close to mine
I don’t need no degree in acting to know I’m feeling fine


Now some like living in the upper strata
Where the rich get richer and the poor don’t matter
But I’d rather get you than a phone or a bar
In the back seat of my car

I don’t know what I’d call you—connoisseur ain’t the term
Filet mignon doesn’t turn you on and fish eggs make you squirm
But I think I might go crazy if your tastes were more refined
And you know I’d rather live on grits and gravy than lose my peace of mind


Copyright 1973 by Christopher Kent/Dragonheart Music. All rights reserved.