Saving It All for You (lyrics)

Saving It All For You
Words and music by Christopher Kent

Once upon a time I fell for every girl I met
Including a few I probably should have not
But now I’m as free as a man can be
And let me tell you, Mom, I like it a lot
Everybody needs a little loving now and then
But a good thing can be carried much too far
So I put it away for a rainy day
Spent my weekends polishing the car

I wrote “Dear Abby” for some free advice
She said “You’ve done the right thing and I think that’s nice”
But I have this sneaky feeling that’s not true
I’m just saving it all for you

Some people don’t understand my soul
They try to get by on remote control

Well, everybody knows that man was born with carnal lust
And some of the time it’s hard to hold it in
But after a while you develop style
And learn to keep yourself from giving in
It’s easy saying love is all the same
But after a while you get tired of playing games
And I have this feeling that the games are through
Cause I’m just saving it all for
La la la la la
Saving it all for
La la la la la
Saving it all for
La la la la la

Copyright 1973 by Christopher Kent. All rights reserved.