Poems by Chris

The Human Mind
(With apologies to Joyce Kilmer and her poem Trees)

The Ballad of Ebenezer
Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol reimagined in verse.

Ghost Mortem (A Quantum Mechanical Afterlife Adventure)
The story of a man who dies and discovers there was much more to his life than he realized!

Ballad of the Bodacious Bugs
A celebration of our insect friends—and enemies!

Backyard Bird TV
A celebration of our feathered friends, with photographs by Lynn Yost

October, Pennsylvania
A celebration of the changing of the seasons.

Beware TYCU!
To keep your calm and sanity, beware the Things You Can’t Unsee

The Walrus Days of Winter
CK discusses winter’s woes, the snowy drifts, the icy floes, the pains each northern dweller knows
In poetry, not prose.

‘Twas the Day of Thanksgiving
An ode to the holiday and how we celebrate it

Grateful for the Moon
The moon does much more than simply light the nighttime sky.