Nice Place to Live

Words & Music by Christopher Kent

On the surface you seem like a civilized soul
Someone of strength and integrity
You talk so smooth, you get people believing
If they listen to you, they’ll get something for free
But you’ve got connections, and you’ve got an agenda
And god knows, you’ve got a lot of nerve
Cause you don’t give a damn about who gets hurt
As long as you get what you think you deserve
The problem is

You think you’re better than everyone else
But your actions say it ain’t so
You think you’ve got all the answers
But you turn a blind eye to things you don’t want to know
It’s all about money and power
And the lies you tell are exquisite
Must be a nice place to live
But I wouldn’t want to visit

You say lots of things you know will make people angry
And you tell lots of lies designed to generate fear
You demonize anyone who stands in your way
That you don’t want your people to hear
You’ve got countless ways to get people to do
Just what you want them to do
We’re in a whole lot of trouble
If the vision you have of the world comes true
And it’s all because


Your favorite weapon is certainty
You need closed minds and eyes that don’t see
You work so hard to fool everyone else
You end up believing the lies yourself
And it’s all because


You say you’ve got so much to give, but that’s not your motive, is it?
Must be a nice place to live
But I wouldn’t want to visit

Copyright 2015 by Christopher Kent, All rights reserved.