Songs of the Season

Words & Music by Christopher Kent

On a cold Christmas Eve, two hundred years ago
In a small mountain town deep in Austrian snow
The pastor preparing for the service that day
Found the tiny church organ would no longer play
But he remembered a Christmas poem that he’d penned
So he set it to music, with the help of a friend
And that night in his church, while his friend played guitar
The choir sang “Silent Night” ‘neath a bright Christmas star
And we’re still singing it today

The songs of the season, they lift up my heart
They remind me that hope is the best place to start
They bring joy and sweet memories, but the very best part
Is the songs of the season of Christmas
They lift up my heart

On a bright Christmas Eve, a hundred years later
A man had built the first radio wave generator
He knew radio waves would send words loud and clear
And anyone with a telegraph receiver would hear
So he turned on the power and proceeded to read
From the Gospel, the tale of the first Christmas Eve
Then, as stunned people heard him, first with fear, then delight,
He took out his violin, and ended the very first radio broadcast
Playing “O Holy Night”
And brought tears to their eyes

Good will to all people on Earth fills the songs
They remind us that here and now is where peace belongs
They’ve brought wars to a standstill, and let hope shine through
It’s a message worth sharing, and it’s not hard to do

So now each December we gather with our friends
To celebrate Christmas and the message it sends
And we sing out the carols with heart and good cheer
In sweet Christmas harmony, sung loud and clear

[CHORUS]    (they lift up our hearts…)

© 2011 by Christopher Kent. All rights reserved.