Words & Music by Christopher Kent

I was walking through the city, the sun was bright and the streets were hot
When I saw a crowd had gathered ’round a man speaking in a parking lot
I could have turned and walked away, but something about him made me stay
I got a little closer, and then I heard him say:
What do you believe? What do you believe?

Do you believe the world is dangerous, that you have to stay on guard?
Do you believe you’ll never have the life you want, cause getting there is just too hard?
Do you believe that you’re a victim-someone has power over you?
And looking out for number one is the only thing to do?
Do you believe you can’t afford to share because there might not be enough?
Do you believe not showing your emotions is a way to prove you’re tough?
Do you believe life’s filled with obstacles you’ll never overcome
And the blessings of the universe are only given to some?

What do you believe? Do you ever think about it?
What do you believe? Do you ever stop to doubt it?
Did you draw your own conclusions, or did you learn them in your youth?
What do you believe?
I’ll bet you think it’s the truth

Do you believe you’re at the mercy of your past, no matter how fast you run?
Or that you’ll never be forgiven for something terrible you’ve done?
Do you believe money is evil, although you hate being poor?
Or that you can’t be happy without some thing you’ve spent your whole life waiting for?
Do you believe you’re born to suffer, that the world is on your shoulders?
Do you believe you’ll lose your strength and beauty as you grow older?
Do you believe when someone has wronged you, revenge is justified?
Do you believe life has no meaning, that you’ll vanish when you die?


And then he said:
The things that we believe, they shape the life we live
They can lead us into hatred, they can lead us to forgive
Sometimes it’s hard to understand the things that we go through
Just remember that our lives are shaped by what we believe to be true
So: What do you believe?

Do you believe when your life is in danger, it’s kill or be killed?
Do you believe to make the world a better place, some blood must be spilled?
Do you believe that every single thing your religion says is true?
And for your soul to be worthy, there’s a list of things you have to do?
Do you believe you know what’s right and wrong, and there’s nothing to discuss?
Do you believe we can do what we want to the Earth because it was given to us?
Do you believe that war will never end because people are inherently flawed?
Do you believe that your religion is the only one sanctified by God?


© 2006 by Christopher Kent. All rights reserved.