The 12 Gifts of Christmas

Words and music by Christopher Kent

Some years at Christmas,
We long for gifts we know we won’t receive
There’s nothing to look forward to,
No lovely dreams of Christmas Eve
But no matter who you are,
Your fortune great or small,
Every Christmas brings 12 blessings
That are there for us all

There’s joy, hope, remembrance
And laughter everywhere around
Love, faith and kindness
And good will to all abound
Innocence, redemption,
Gratitude and peace
All these 12 blessings
At Christmas increase

So set aside your burdens,
Your worries and your fear
And seek out the 12 gifts
Christmas brings to us each year…
And once you have found them,
Be sure to share them, too
And the 12 gifts of Christmas
Will bring a merry Christmas to you

Words and music copyright by Christopher Kent 2014. All rights reserved.