At the Insect Bite Café

Words & Music by Christopher Kent

Good food is something I enjoy, it makes my day complete
Lately I’ve been reading ‘bout how bugs are good to eat
They say they’re full of protein, and though they’re kind of small
They could be the food of the future! I’d love to try them all…
So I’ve decided to open a restaurant to meet this growing demand
You won’t believe the bug décor and menu I’ve got planned
Those little creepy crawlies and their buzzing airborne cousins
Will make a meal you won’t forget….you’ll eat ‘em by the dozens!

It’s a gourmet bug bonanza at the Insect Bite Cafe
They’re crunchy piles of protein…they’re gonna blow your mouth away!
It’s a flavor infestation, we’ll make sure you leave well-fed
So if you’re tired of insects biting you, come have a bite of them instead

We’ve got cricket cacciatore and firefly souffle
Mosquito-filled burritos and bumblebee flambe
The caterpillar cake turns into butterfly pie
There’s aphids in the angelfood, that’s one you’ve got to try!
There’s katydids and cankerworms and lacewings in the stew
There’s praying mantis pesto and spittlebug fondue
There’s beetle gaucamole and termite chocolate mousse
Cicada primavera with wasp and hornet juice


You’re gonna love the weevil muffins and the silverfish au gratin
The ant filet will make your day, the sauce won’t be forgotten!
There’s flea and tick biscotti and fresh grub macaroons
For the ladybug gelatti you’re gonna need a bigger spoon!
The leafhopper alfredo is topped with french-fried moth
The baked grasshopper casserole is served with cockroach broth
So many bugs to choose from, and every one’s a treat!
So catch the bug and come on down and have a bite to eat!


Copyright 2008, Christopher Kent. All rights reserved.