Dimension Dreams

Words & Music by Christopher Kent

In a dream I’m sitting in the basement in the dark
All alone, the middle of the night
The stars are shining through the window
Looking out I see a blinding light
Like a spotlight it surrounds me in the silence
I can feel the warmth upon my face
I hear no words, yet my mind is filled with voices
From another time and place

Dimension dreams, they tell me things I could not know
Dimension dreams, the sky above, the earth below
From somewhere deep inside of me where past and future grow
Dimension dreams

In a dream I’m standing in the desert by a train track
Trains are rushing in from both directions
I know that nothing I can do will make them stop
I rush behind a rock to find protection
Then I find I’m standing near a woman in a room
She tells me what the years ahead will bring
I walk outside into the snow and in moments
It has melted into spring


Like fishermen, we throw our lines into the darkness
Lost in sleep we ride the currents of the night
Somewhere deep inside us lie the answers that we search for
They come to us in stories filled with darkness and light

Then I find I’m walking down a midnight city street
Following where other souls have led
Back in the shadows sits an old man in a chair
He smiles and says “Good times are up ahead”
The sun breaks through a cloud of birds above me
I grab ahold and rise into the sky
The earth is spread below me like a multi-colored quilt
And I have never flown so high


Copyright 1993 by Christopher Kent  All Rights Reserved