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The Albums:

POP130pPiece of the Puzzle (12 Songs of Hope)

Christopher’s most recent album, Piece of the Puzzle , is part of his book and CD set Help and Hope. The 12 songs are all positive and designed to remind us that there’s always reason to have hope, no matter what the situation. The album is bookended by two of Christopher’s finest songs: Piece of the Puzzle and Children of the Sun, both of which are also music videos on YouTube (the latter will be available summer 2015).

Track list: Piece of the Puzzle; Desert Rain; Your Age is None of Your Business; We Will Meet Again; Wind on the Water; Part of It All; Just Another Stranger (Going Home Again); Love Looks for You: Questions; Nothing Lasts Forever; If I Could Give You Words; Children of the Sun.

Piece of the Puzzle

Children of the Sun
(NOTE! the first 18 seconds of the recording are very quiet!)

Nothing Lasts Forever 

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Intuition CD coverIntuition

Intuition is  a joyful, uplifting collection of songs that many fans still consider an all-time favorite. Produced and arranged by Christopher, INTUITION features Chris’s 12 most popular original songs (when the album was recorded!)  A number of top New York musicians appear on the album, including Maureen McElheron singing the harmony on fan favorite You Are the One.

Track list:   Intuition; You Are the One; Kinky; You Could Believe (in Yourself); To Know You One More Time; A Beautiful Pair; Open Country; Molecule Man; What Do You Do (When Dreams are Gone); Doorway; Portrait; Scherahza.

“Don’t let this classic album pass you by.”   —Songwriters’ Monthly

You Are the One

Molecule Man

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Doorway CD coverDoorway

Christopher’s second album, created in collaboration with award-winning producer Bill Kollar.  It features dazzling lead guitar work by Jay Azzolina (former member of legendary fusion band Spyro Gyra), and a soaring duet with Janice Kollar on “The Eagle.” Many of the songs are darker than those on the other albums, resulting in a haunting and thought-provoking collection.

Track list:    Doorway; What He Would Have Done; When to Let Go; Heart of This Land; When I Died; Hot Logic; The Eagle; Thinking of You Tonight; Leaving Your Own Best Friend Behind; Tall Grass Country

“Superb, bold and energizing.”  —Ron Wallace, AfterTouch Magazine


The Eagle

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The Singles

Your Age is None of Your Business CD cover

Your Age is None of Your Business

The disc includes the songs “Your Age Is None of Your Business” and “What Do You Believe.”

Christopher’s first original Christmas song. called it “Christopher Kent’s holiday masterpiece….perhaps the best holiday standard you’ve never heard.”
Pretty Damn Good CD-cover Final

Pretty Damn Good

A live recording of a long-time fan favorite!


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This Baby Might Fly

A song about not giving up on love…no matter how much crazy stuff it puts you through!


Dawn of Christmas Day





The Dawn of Christmas Day

Christopher’s second original Christmas song, modeled after the classic Bethlehem carols he grew up with.


A Christmas to Remember

Christopher’s third original Christmas song, celebrating christmases past…