Words and Music by Christopher Kent

I dreamed about you long before I met you
In the dream I said “Don’t I know you?” …  you just smiled
I thought I saw you in some other faces
But I always figured out it wasn’t you after a while
I wrote a song to welcome your arrival
Though I didn’t know just when that might be
And it’s true I had some fun while I was waiting
But now that you’re here, the future’s easy to see

Now I think about you late at night
And when I see you coming down the street
And then I hold you in my loving arms…
It the sweetest thing I’ll ever know
And when you turn and walk away,

There were times when I went out to see the sunset
And the colors spread like fire across the sky
I watched the full moon rise between the mountains
And I wished that you were standing by my side
I’d lie awake at night beside the window
And I’d listen to the loons on the lake
I’d think I heard you somewhere in the distance
And I knew we’d find each other, no matter how long it might take


There are things that rise above the world around us
They stand apart from time, though they echo through its halls
We can see them in the darkness and hear them in the silence
While we wait for that moment our destiny calls


Copyright 2021 by Christopher Kent. All rights reserved.