Happy to Be Here!

 by Christopher Kent

The shortest path to happiness is gratitude.

In my life I’ve had my share
Of things that make me fume and swear
But when life seems in disrepair
I focus on the joys we share.
And if the good times pass me by
I do not moan, I do not cry;
Instead, I think of things that I
Am grateful for, and why.

Things I like about guitars:
They fit in even tiny cars
You play them underneath the stars
While drinking beers or pinot noirs

Things I like about good food:
It helps offset a lousy mood
It’s fun, souffléd or barbequed
(Though too much makes my gut protrude)

Things I like about the sky:
The streak when shooting stars go by
It gets us wet, then blows us dry
And makes great art when dawn is nigh

Things I like about my lair:
I turn around, my spouse is there!
In fact, there’s fun stuff everywhere
To cheer me up, should I despair

Things I like about my friends:
We share the good and bad life sends
If things go wrong, we make amends
We know true friendship never ends

Good books are always apropos;
They take me places I can’t go
And teach me stuff I didn’t know
Plus, I can read them fast or slow

Why I like the great outdoors:
Grass is much more fun than floors
Watch an eagle as she soars
Build a fire and make S’mores

My pleasure in the summer shows:
The wind’s not chilly when it blows
I’m wearing hardly any clothes
The hammock’s comfy when I doze
I get a nice tan on my nose

Things I like about the beach:
The working world is out of reach
There’s lots of time to eat a peach
And dream up a retirement speech

Things I like about the birds:
They talk in songs instead of words
Flocks murmurate (unlike big herds)
They don’t mind being watched by nerds

Things I like about my life:
With creativity it’s rife
I like my friends and love my wife
So far I’ve had more fun than strife

Why I like to hug and kiss:
A cheap, nonfattening source of bliss
The target’s pretty hard to miss
It’s much more fun than reading this!

Things I think are overrated:
Beauty standards we’ve created
Products that are complicated
Brussels sprouts (I’ve always hated)

Then, of course, I have to say
I’m grateful that I get to play
And sing sweet music every day
(A gift that’s best when given away)

So overall, I’d say I’ve had
More good stuff in my life than bad
I’ve found that things that make me sad
Pass quickly, like a dancing fad
And in the end, I think it’s clear
It’s been worthwhile to persevere
Through all the sorrows and good cheer;
I’m very happy to be here!

Copyright Christopher Kent 2017