You Could Believe (In Yourself)

Words & Music by Christopher Kent

There’s a look in your eyes
Like the feeling of cloudy winter skies
A river running dry inside
And leaves on the ground
All because of a dream
that let you down

If only you could believe in yourself
You know you need to believe in something true —
Something like you
Like you

It’s a long, lonely ride
When there’s nobody standing by your side
And flowers pressed and dried
have lied
But nothing can change
All the love and creation you contain


You have stars in your eyes
So many dreams you could realize
And music and laughter
And that love you’ve been after
all this time —
Let it shine!
Let it shine . . .

After all you’ve been through
Don’t let loneliness take that love from you
There’s so much you could do that’s true
It’s not hard being kind
Love is waiting for anyone to find


© 1977  by Christopher Kent/Dragonheart Music. All rights reserved.