Wind on the Water

Words and Music by Christopher Kent

Wind on the water, stars in the sky
We are sailing on a moonlit sea with clouds rolling by, so high
There are lights on a distant shore, salty spray in the air
We are lovers like the moon and tide
With so many dreams to share

Wind on the water, stars in the sky
Wondering what the future holds for lovers like you and I
Sharing daydreams and sunsets, silence and tears
Sometimes sailing through stormy seas
And over the years the dream appears

How many others have sailed these waters
Charting their course by a distant star?
Trusting that love would carry them safely
No matter how far
No matter how far

Wind on the water, stars in the sky
Out onto the open sea with wind in our sails we fly
We are sailing for lands unknown, two lives intertwined
We are sailing for the rising sun
And all of the worlds our love will find

© 1988  by Christopher Kent, all rights reserved.