The Songs:
Lotus Petals
The More We Learn (the Less We Know)
What Do You Believe?
Riding the Certainty Train
A Talk With the Almighty
Once I Tried It Myself (I Changed My Mind)
Dimension Dreams
Escape from Von Neuman’s Catastrophe of Infinite Regression (A Crazy Dream)
Long Distance Call
Intuition (deja vu edition)
The Last Stomping Ground on the Road to Oblivion
Smoke and Mirrors
Sailor’s Song
Ghost Mortem


Wild Ideas uses a group of thought-provoking songs to ask the question: What if everything you think you know about the world is wrong? 

Wild Ideas actually started out as a traditional book that I was planning to write(!). Several first-hand experiences with “unusual” phenomena caused my world view to change dramatically, and I wanted to share those experiences with others. I’d gotten as far as creating a detailed outline for the book — with the same working title, Wild Ideas — when I realized that it would take a staggering amount of time and effort to provide the kind of supporting stories and evidence from other sources that I wanted to include. So I shelved the book idea.

At some point it dawned on me that I’d already written songs about many of those experiences. So, instead of writing a book called Wild Ideas, I could share those experiences through an album of songs dealing with issues like the nature of our beliefs, optimism versus pessimism, the pitfalls of certainty, and more controversial topics such as telepathy, reincarnation, lucid dreaming and people’s ideas about God. Not surprisingly, almost all of the songs that make up Wild Ideas are topical. Furthermore, each song contains some life lesson I learned as a result of those experiences.

Here are the songs that make up  Wild Ideas! Click on the images below to hear the recordings!