Tall Grass Country

Words & Music by Christopher Kent

Walking down this dusty road
In the tall grass country
Open sky on every side
Just the place I want to be
Made a lot of hard choices
Heard a lot of angry voices
Now I only hear the heart inside of me

Spent the night down by the river
In a grove of cherry trees
Stars were shining, crickets singing
Blossoms drifting in the breeze
All the bitter tears and sorrow
Down the road a long, long way
Laid awake the whole night waiting for the day

Hard times seem to last forever
Lives break down so easily
Tried so hard to do the right thing
Fought to keep my sanity
So much pain and so much sorrow
I could not run and I could not hide
Sometimes in the dark of night
It tore me up inside

Now I’m on my own again
On this sunny afternoon
Birds are soaring high above me—
Hope to hear some laughter soon
And I’m grateful for this moment
For the quiet and the cloudless sky
Up ahead who knows what roads may lie?

© 1991 by Christopher Kent/Dragonheart Music All Rights Reserved.