Songs of the Season

An Original Christmas Suite

Songs already released:

Songs of the Season (the title song) celebrates the power of the best Christmas music to lift our spirits, bring back treasured memories, and bring us hope. (A music reviewer once called it “Christopher Kent’s holiday masterpiece … perhaps the best holiday standard you’ve never heard.”)


Songs of the Season








A Very Merry Time of the Year celebrates all of the modern traditions Americans associate with the Christmas holiday!

A Very Merry Time of the Year








Christmas-y celebrates the joy of anticipating the holiday (which is surely one of the best parts of the season!)



A Christmas to Remember tells three stories of Christmases past, when Christmas managed to be extraordinary despite occuring in less-than-ideal circumstances.

A Christmas to Remember


The Heart of Christmas celebrates our ability to make our own holiday wonderful by helping others have a merry holiday.

The Heart of Christmas


The Dawn of Christmas Day tells the Bethlehem story from a unique perspective… The baby knows what he’ll say when he grows up!

The Dawn of Christmas Day


Under a Christmas Moon is about trying to have faith in humanity and the future when the world around us seems dark and the future looks bleak. Somehow, Christmas can still give us hope…

Under a Christmas Moon (The Christmas Blessing)


The 12 Gifts of Christmas celebrates the 12 blessings that Christmas offers to us every year…that are there for the taking!

The 12 Gifts of Christmas








A Song for St. Nicholas
 tells the story of how the ever-popular Santa Clause legend came into being when a clever writer combined multiple existing Christmas legends.

A Song for St. Nicholas