Words & Music by Christopher Kent

Outside in the dark
A million lights
Wind swimming in like a shark
Through the greys and whites
And can you feel the streets are cooling down
We are on a ship that’s run aground

Around the corner words unsaid
The sky must warn her of what’s ahead
A million fans are singing songs for me
Love is just another thing you cannot see

You got me dancing around
And around and around
You got me dancing around
And around

And when you close your eyes,
A million stars
Windy lullabies and passing cars
Lady moon goes slowly drifting by
Like a sailor blowing smoke rings in the sky


Below the steaming grey and burning spice
Sounds go rolling away like tumbling dice
Bridge lights shining on the rolling tide
Like a silver dragon spreading wings to fly


© 1976 by Christopher Kent/Dragonheart Music. All rights reserved.