Saturday’s My Favorite Time of Year 

Words and music by Christopher Kent

 People sometimes ask me what time of year’s my favorite;
Well, I’ll admit when summer comes, I do my best to savor it.
And springtime is lovely, watching winter disappear;
But Saturday’s my favorite time of year

Summer comes, I hit the beach where sun and surf abound;
But fifty Saturdays go by before that beach trip rolls around
I love vacations, but they take too long to reappear
That’s why Saturday’s my favorite time of year.

Some folks long for Sunday, or Friday night, perhaps;
But by the time that Friday comes, I’m ready to collapse
I can’t help thinking, “C’est la vie,” as I work through the week;
But when Saturday arrives, I’m thinking, “Ooo, c’est magnifique!”

All week I do my job; I’m not the boss, it’s true
But when my special day arrives, no one tells me what to do
Just knowing it’s coming helps me persevere
Because Saturday’s my favorite time of year 

Now holidays are lovely; Christmastime is hard to beat
There’s lights and music everywhere, fake Santas on the street
But holidays are stressful, and it happens every season,
While Saturdays are stress-free — they’re my favorite for a reason!
Yes they are!

Well, there are other times of year that some may find exquisite,
Like when the leaves are falling, or the in-laws come to visit.
But, “Hey, it’s Saturday!”—those are the words I long to hear,
Because Saturday’s my favorite time of year!

Copyright 2019 by Christopher Kent. All rights reserved.