Pretty Damn Good

Pretty Damn Good

Words & Music by Christopher Kent

Break out the biscuits and the sweet champagne
Life ain’t perfect, but I can’t complain
I’m just cruising down the miracle mile
People get suspicious when they see me smile
You think I’m crazy, baby, knock on wood—
I ain’t perfect, but I’m pretty damn good

Roll out the carpet, darlin’, shine your shoes
We’re gonna party cause there’s no more blues
Look in the corner, look under the bed
We got our demons, but they’re all in our head
I can’t explain it, but I would if I could
I ain’t perfect but I’m pretty damn good

I saw your picture in a magazine
You looked worried but your hands were clean
I left a message on your phone machine
I said, I think I love you, if you know what I mean

Well I’m happy as a cow just chewin her cud
Pull off my shoes and take a walk in the mud
No bad news is gonna get me down
I saw my troubles, they were leaving town
I don’t need no one looking under my hood
I ain’t perfect, but I’m pretty damn good

I’m not the president (thank God), I’m not the king
I ain’t no fighter, get me out of this ring
I keep rolling through the thick and the thin
Got a smile so sweet you gotta let me in

Now everybody’s laughing, it’s a real nice day
I’m just smiling, I got nothing to say
Maybe I’m crazy but I feel just fine
You show me yours, babe, I’ll show you mine
I’d make the whole world smile if I could
I ain’t perfect but I’m pretty damn good!

Copyright 1998 by Christopher Kent. All rights reserved.