Words & Music by Christopher Kent

My friend Sam, he wanted to live forever
He heard of a spiritual master who was 200 years old
They said the master lived high in the Himalayas
And if you found him, he’d tell you all you need to know
Sam searched those mountains tirelessly for ages
Til he found the master sitting on a ledge
Sam said, “Please tell me how to stay young forever”
Well the master laughed so hard he nearly fell right over the edge
And then the master said:

Your age is none of your business
Enjoy the journey, you’ll be here for a while
Your age is none of your business
Just keep dancing – and remember to smile

Now you may think there’s one age that’s perfect
With endless possibilities and looks beyond compare
Sort of like a Cinderella story in reverse-
Cause for the rest of your life it’s downhill from there
Well Einstein said that time is an illusion
So maybe we should give ourselves a break
If younger and older are in the eye of the beholder
Then who cares how many candles are on your birthday cake?
Like the man said:


Well maybe there’s a planet out there somewhere
Where no ages, or goes through awkward stages, or loses their hair
But we’ve got no choice in the matter, dude
So it all comes down to attitude
And a good attitude will give you lots of time to spare…time to spare

Some days I feel feisty as a newborn baby
Other days I feel as old as a mountain
It doesn’t have a thing to do with my birth date
So if you ask my age, I’ll just say “Who’s countin’?”
Let’s all celebrate that we’re still dancing
And forget about those trips around the sun
Cause in the end the only thing that matters
Is that you’re never too young or old to be loved
Or to have a little fun


© 2006 by Christopher Kent. All rights reserved.