Nothing Lasts Forever

Words & Music by Christopher Kent

It was a perfect summer’s evening,  we must have stayed for hours
On the observation deck atop the World Trade Towers
The wind was calm, the air was sweet
A quarter mile in the sky with the world at our feet
We could see what seemed forever, there was moonlight on the bay
There were rides lit up at Coney Island, fourteen miles away
Time stood still, the world was bright
A moment filled with peace and grace, a safe and holy night


Nothing lasts forever
One day it’s here, the next it’s gone
Nothing lasts forever
For good or bad, the world moves on
We cannot stop the changes, but we can make sure
That whatever takes its place the world is better than before

In a Swiss Alps summer heatwave we walked across a mountain wall
We were heading for a glacier, trying not to fall
The glacier formed ten thousand years ago
Now waterfalls of melting ice poured into the valley below
Someone had carved an open cavern in the heart of all that white
We stepped inside and caught our breath in the eerie blue-green light
Then we made our way back to a clearing
Where we turned and watched that ancient ghost slowly disappearing


Today I read the paper
Two local kids had gone to war
One came home shattered
The other won’t be coming home any more
Will it ever end? It’s been going on so long
But war is fed by things we’re taught, and it’s time we learned they’re wrong
People say some lives don’t matter, and slaughter can be justified
Life is cheap, revenge is justice, and God is on their side
But a change will come
One day war will be gone
Our children will have different dreams and a brand new day will dawn

Because nothing lasts forever
Though we’ve known war ten thousand years
Nothing lasts forever
One day there’ll be no need for tears
It’s a change our lives depend on, and you can be sure
The world will be a better place than it was before
No, nothing lasts forever
Not even war

© 2007 Christopher Kent, All Rights Reserved