Love Looks for You

Words and Music by Christopher Kent

Gray skies, rain on your window
And no one to call your name
Rainy days all feel the same
When love has passed you by
Voices in the street remind
Love can be so hard to find
But open you heart, ‘cause it’s true
That love looks for you

Sad eyes searching for someone
A walk in the park alone
Someone sees you smile but only turns and walks away
Desperation in your heart
Makes love so hard to start
Cause love takes its time coming true
Let love look for you

Now love comes only when there is joy and pride
The heart that knows its own love, glows
And calls to love with a fire inside

One night you will be walking
Out under a moonlit sky
And the love you thought had passed you by
Will take your hand
And you’ll feel your heart grow strong
Cause love was waiting all along
And love is the only way through
Let love look for you

© 1999 by Christopher Kent All rights reserved.