Just Another Stranger (Going Home Again)

Words & Music by Christopher Kent

It’s hotter than hell on the noonday train
Sweat trickles down while the brakes complain
No shade at all twenty miles either way
Just the dragonflies watching the beer cans decay…
Going home after so many years
To find the woman I loved back then
Now I’m just another stranger
Going home again

I still think about how we walked through the town
Moon rising up, shops closing down
I never knew nothin’ like the love we shared
But I had to find something I could not find there
Well, the choices we make have a price in the end
Yes they do
Now I’m just another stranger
Going home again

I’ve been so lucky,
I’ve had so many friends—
If I’ve hurt someone
I’ve tried to make amends
But what about love?
Well it all depends—
There are so many ways
This story could end…

I’m sitting here watching the fields roll by
Sun through a cloud makes rays in the sky
I can’t stop thinking how it should’ve worked out
If I’d only known then what’s so clear to me now
Will you still have room in your heart
For an old lover and friend?
Or am I just another stranger
Going home again?

© 1995 by Christopher Kent. All Rights reserved.