Words and music by Christopher Kent

Have you ever had the feeling
You should walk down a certain street?
Have you ever thought of someone you knew,
And half an hour later you meet?
The future has already happened,
It just hasn’t come into view
Listen to your intuition —
The future is calling you

No need to worry
No need to run so fast
Listen to your intuition
And let the future cause the past

Standing alone at a crossroads
Wondering which way to go
Somewhere ahead in the future
You already know
One road may have led to your downfall
One may have led to your dreams
Listen to your intuition
The future is not what it seems


The best you ever could be —
Or something less
The taste of sweet fulfillment —
Or the taste of emptiness
Every choice can change the future
Don’t just take the ride
Listen to your intuition
Time is on your side


© 1982, by Christopher Kent/Dragonheart Music. All rights reserved.