The Heart Chronicles

Act One: Falling

In which a young man discovers that an old flame has reappeared in his life, and he falls for her…hard.

  1. It’s Just Been a Long Time
  2. This Crazy Love
  3. I Don’t Need Reasons for Loving You
  4. Sweet Love in the Morning

Act Two: Failing

In which reality rears its head – and our hero discovers that love doesn’t conquer all.

  1. Pointing the Finger
  2. Honest Anger
  3. Taking Control
  4. I Thought I’d Found You
  5. Turning Away
  6. For the Quiet Morning Hours

Act Three: Fulfilling

In which our protagonist finds love again, and this time makes better choices.

  1. Humdinger
  2. This Baby Might Fly

  3. You Are the One
  4. At the True Love Store


  1. How to Disagree
  2. Ain’t Love Grand
  3. Just An Old Love Song