Words & Music by Christopher Kent

There’s a bird in a silver cage
His heart is breaking as he sees
the open sky
The door is open, but he does not leave,
’cause he believes he cannot learn to fly
Well I have lived in a cage myself
Never questioning the things I was taught
It’s hard to break out of a trap you’re in
When you don’t even realize you’re caught

But I think I know where the doorway is
There’s no one standing in it now
And I am learning to see farther over time –
Farther than time would allow

I used to live working nine-to-five
I never did the things I wanted in my heart
But making changes seemed so hard to do
I couldn’t seem to find a place to start


I used to say “I’ve got
Or “Someone else has got me by the sleeve”
But no one else and nothing else can hold you back
Except the things you believe
It’s hard to like yourself when you believe you’re trapped
A thousand things you’ll never be and never do
But I was just believing what my fears said
And then the things that I believed came true


© 1981 by Christopher Kent/Dragonheart Music. All rights reserved.