Songs of Peace, Joy, Hope and Grace

A collection of songs from Christopher’s first four albums that can help you stay calm and hopeful in challenging times.

To listen to a song, just click on the arrows below! To  download a track, control-click on the song title and select “download linked file” if you are using an Apple/Mac device. For Windows, press and hold – or right-click – the song title and select “save.”

Finding Peace in Nature

The First Day of Summer  (from Earthsongs)

Halcyon Day  (from Earthsongs)


Dealing with Loss

Tall Grass Country  (from Doorway)

You Could Believe (in Yourself)  (from Intuition)

If I Could Give You Words  (from Piece of the Puzzle)


Finding Grace in Our Lives and Our World

Garden in the Sky  (from Earthsongs)

The Meaning of Grace  (from Earthsongs)

Children of the Sun  (from Piece of the Puzzle)  Please note: the song has a long, quiet introduction!


Hope for the Future

The Eagle  (from Doorway)

Desert Rain  (from Piece of the Puzzle)