Children of the Sun

Words & music by Christopher Kent

Midnight on a boat at sea, not a light for miles around
Water calm, as smooth as glass, a million shining stars were shining down
I laid upon my back beneath the universal night
And I stared up at our galaxy, it was a ferris wheel of light
It had such depth and clarity, I saw its shape and size
It stretched away a billion miles, right before my eyes
I felt like I could leave the earth and soar across that space
And I knew I saw my home at last—it was a vast and shining place

The stars, they spin above in all their glory
While here we spin the lives that tell our story
And with each brand new day our lives have just begun
We are the light of life
We are the children of the sun

Now I sit upon a hillside, with the sun about to rise
Farms and fields below me as the light spreads through the skies
A single bird is soaring through the early morning air
And I wonder at the beauty of this planet that we share
I’m just a single person in a universe so vast
Sometimes I can’t help wondering if the dreams I have will last
But a new day always greets me when I open up my door
And I know that you can never tell what life and love the future holds in store


Countless generations have called this world their home
Yet we each create a story that is totally our own
Every crowded street we walk down, every mountain that we climb
Is a journey like no other, a tale of heart and soul in space and time
Some of us build a path to glory, some of us stumble from the start
But I have learned, no matter how it may appear, we are innocent at heart
And though we sometimes curse the darkness and think we’ve thrown our lives away
It doesn’t matter how we got here—
It only matters what we choose to do today


© 1998 by Christopher Kent. All rights reserved.