A Beautiful Pair

Words & Music by Christopher Kent

You were standing on the corner —
You stood out from the rest
I walked over and sat behind you
Nonchalantly trying to look my best
You were tying up your bicycle
I said, do you always ride?
You turned around and I stood up
And we were smiling eye to eye

‘Cause we don’t need each other
We just care
And we don’t bleed each other
We just share
We didn’t get what we expected
In answer to our prayers
But Lord, Lord, Lord,
Don’t we make a beautiful pair?

I used to look for someone
Who was everything I couldn’t be
Sort of filling in my missing half —
But love kept turning into jealousy
You and I don’t have that problem
We just get along
You don’t have to play Fay Wray
And I don’t have to be King Kong


Sometimes I still can’t believe it
After all I’ve been through
All those things I thought I needed
Couldn’t hold a candle to you


© 1982  by Christopher Kent/Dragonheart Music. All rights reserved.