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This month:
• The first releases from TWO new album projects!
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The scoop: Christopher posts new creations here—mostly music, but also the occasional original article, illustrated poem or music video—every month. (His new music tracks are also usually available everywhere across the Web, although you can usually download them here for free.) Beginning this month he’ll be releasing tracks from two new album projects (one each month). Also. later this winter look for the the final tracks from his Basement Tapes collection!

Please stop by every month to see and hear what’s new—and if you like what you find, please share it with your friends!

Beginning this month: tracks from two new album projects: WILD IDEAS and THE HEART CHRONICLES!

Why two albums at once? As you may know, I’ve written much more material over the years than I’ve had the time and resources to record. Now that I’m catching up with myself, I have the luxury of grouping those previously unrecorded songs any way I like, to finally arrange and record them as thematic collections. (Yes, I add brand new songs if I see that they fit with the album concept.)

I’ve decided to release the next two albums concurrently for a simple reason: They’re completely different from each other!  WILD IDEAS (SONGS FROM THE EDGE) is a collection of my most thought-provoking and controversial songs; THE HEART CHRONICLES (TWO LOVE STORIES IN THREE ACTS) is a collection of some of my most romantic and emotional songs, put together to tell a complete story. (NOTE! I will not be releasing the Heart Chronicles songs in order, but I will be posting an outline later so you can keep track of the story as the puzzle pieces fall into place!) The three acts that make up the Heart Chronicles are:
Act One: Falling
Act Two: Failing
Act Three: Fulfilling

Instead of releasing a long stream of relationship songs for a year or two, or a long stream of controversial songs, alternating between the two projects will help to keep things interesting! (As usual, once all the tracks from an album have been released, I’ll put out a CD of the complete collection!)

First up from WILD IDEAS: What Do You Believe?

First up from The Heart Chronicles: THIS CRAZY LOVE (Act One, song #2)


(PS: Chris is playing every instrument on this track!)

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