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This month:

• A new release from The Heart Chronicles album project!

• A new poem in honor of January’s Super Blood Wolf Moon eclipse!

• A collection of Fan Favorites for those of you visiting for the first time!

The scoop: Christopher posts new creations here—mostly music, but also the occasional original article, illustrated poem or music video—every month. (His new music tracks are also usually available everywhere across the Web, although you can usually download them here for free.) He’s currently releasing tracks from two new album projects (one each month). Also. in upcoming months look for the the final tracks from his Basement Tapes collection!

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A new track from THE HEART CHRONICLES!

As announced in January, I’m currently releasing tracks from TWO new albums (see left) – one track each month!
This month, another track from The Heart Chronicles: Two Love Stories in Three Acts. (The three acts that make up The Heart Chronicles are: Act One: FallingAct Two: Failing; and Act Three: Fulfilling).

This month: I Don’t Need Reasons for Loving You  (Act One, Song #3)


Also this month: A new poem celebrating our nearest astronomical neighbor: the Moon!

On January 20th, many of us were lucky enough to witness a total lunar eclipse. And it wasn’t just any old lunar eclipse: It was a total eclipse of the Super Blood Wolf Moon! (Google it!) In honor of that auspicious occasion, I’m presenting a poem I finished last year celebrating all of the benefits we gain from having the aforementioned celestial body in our sky. (A few of those benefits might surprise you!) Besides, I released an entire album celebrating the Earth last year; it seems only fair to give the Moon a little admiration! (Photo and art direction: Lynn Yost!)

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