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This month:
• A new original Christmas song!
• An end of the year thank-you note to all of our visitors! (This means you!)
• The three most popular tracks from Chris’s Earthsongs CD; Chris’s latest music video, Halcyon Day; and a collection of Fan Favorites for those of you visiting for the first time!

The scoop: Christopher posts new creations here—mostly music, but also the occasional original article, illustrated poem or music video—every month. (His new music tracks are also usually available everywhere across the Web, although you can usually download them here for free.)  His new Earthsongs album was released in July, along with a brand new music video of Halcyon Day from the album!  He’s also been releasing tracks from a forthcoming collection of early songs and recordings called The Basement Tapes.

Please stop by every month to see and hear what’s new—and if you like what you find, please share it with your friends! New projects will be announced soon!

For December: The fifth release from Christopher’s upcoming original Christmas suite!

This year’s new Christmas song focuses on the great Christmas dilemma: the promise offered by Christmas—hope, peace and joy—versus the reality we see all around us.

One person told me that she loves this song but found it hard to agree with its optimism. (That’s pretty easy to understand given the current state of the world.) My reply is that there’s a difference between blind optimism and reasoned optimism – and this song is meant to be an example of the latter. Hence these words from the song:



It’s not some fatal flaw in us that’s caused this situation;
It’s certainty about beliefs passed down for generations.
So don’t lose faith in peace on Earth – it’s not naive,
‘Cause history’s proved one thing for sure:
We can change what we believe.

If you love the song, please share it with your friends and neighbors. It’s available for download by clicking on the cover above (instructions can be found on the “Free Downloads” page). The song should also be available for downloading and streaming all across the Web by early December.

Here are the other four previous releases! Click on the covers to listen!

An end of the year thank-you note!

As we approach the end of what many people found to be a very upsetting year, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to visit this website and listen to the new music I post every month. It’s easy to ignore something like music when we’re worried about the future of our country, so I’m grateful for your support! (I do my best to make it worth your while!)

As it turns out, 2018 has been the most productive year of my life, artistically speaking – and I’m no spring chicken! This year I’ve released 17 new recordings, my fourth album (Earthsongs), and a new music video (Halcyon Day). This year my oldest music video (Piece of the Puzzle) surpassed 2,000 views, and this website is now being visited by people from every continent – except Antarctica. (One good song about penguins would probably fix that…) This wouldn’t have happened without your support!!

One more thing:

Please stop by after the new year begins! I’ll be announcing TWO new music projects that constitute the most exciting work I’ve ever done, with a sample of each one to start things off!

Until then, have a safe and cheerful holiday season!

In case you missed it: The three most popular tracks from Christopher’s CD Earthsongs!

You can listen to them below!

Insect Bite CD-1400-300dpi


Recently released: The new music video Halcyon Day (from the Earthsongs CD!)

The song describes a perfect day on a farm in Pennsylvania in late summer, when the corn is high and the living is easy, and the video takes you there! Click on the icon to check it out!!







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