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For March:

• A new track from Chris’s upcoming album project, Wild Ideas — Songs from the Edge!
• All the tracks released previously from Chris’s second upcoming album, The Heart Chronicles!
• A collection of Fan Favorites for those of you visiting for the first time!

The scoop: Christopher posts new creations here—mostly music, but also the occasional original article, illustrated poem or music video—every month. (His new music tracks are also usually available everywhere across the Web, although you can usually download them here for free.) He’s currently releasing tracks from three brand new album projects (including his Christmas project, Songs of the Season), which he refers to as “musical books.” (For the full story behind the Wild Ideas and Heart Chronicles album projects — and why he thinks of them as “musical books”click here!) Please stop by every month to see and hear what’s new—and if you like what you find, please share it with your friends!

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For those of you wondering why I’m still creating and releasing new music when the world seems to be falling apart, I offer these thoughts:

Yes, yes, yes—
The world’s a scary mess.
I push on, nonetheless
And hope you’ll acquiesce
To check out that which I express
Intended to uplift, to bless,
And ward off fear and hopelessness…
… But I digress!

This month’s exercise in multidimensional musical thinking is a new track from my WILD IDEAS project.

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” —Albert Einstein

“In the absence of observers, our universe is dead.” —Andrei Linde, physicist

“Solidity and concreteness are qualities of our experience… The universe is a mental construct displayed on the screen of perception.” —Bernardo Kastrup, computer scientist

“It’s all smoke and mirrors.” —Christopher Kent

“I know one thing that’s not an illusion—the illusion.” —Lou Cuisiniere (a friend of Chris’s, circa 1980)


Here are the previous releases from Christopher’s project: Wild Ideas — Songs From the Edge! (Click on the images below to hear the songs!)



And in case you missed them, here are the previous releases from Chris’s upcoming album, The Heart Chronicles!

Act One: Falling

It’s Just Been a Long Time  (Act One, Song #1)

This Crazy Love
  (Act One, Song #2)

I Don’t Need Reasons for Loving You
(Act One, Song #3)

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You Are the One

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